Thursday, 25 January 2018


I'm gonna blog about what's been going on in my head since a lot of thoughts goes through it without me expressing them.

So from today, regardless if you have an opinion that differs than mine, I don't mind.

This is a platform where I feel like I don't need to be confining myself to adhere to the 'social norm'. As obviously only if you're interested with my content will you click the link and read it.

The posts before (ages ago) won't be deleted as it forms part of who I was and am now and how it grows from there to now.

Know that my highschool self might not be the same haha. In one year too people might change a lot. I mean, I did.

Most important to note that that our mind works differently and as much as I don't like to show how mine works, I love to write so there's that.