Friday, 1 June 2018

Avoiding Drama

I know being unbiased and not gonna take any side type of attitude is pretty much boring. Yep I'm like that and I'm telling you, it IS boring. It kinda makes you a boring person really. Unless, you actually speak up lah. But well, if you've known me for quite some time and are pretty close, I got my fair share of drama and well doing that, avoids them. I hate drama but sometimes you just can't escape it.

If you're reading this you must be thinking like 'gee what kinda drama does this boring girl actually encountered?' Well... Plenty! But not as much I guess. High school  has a very childish vibe around them and acting like some young school girls does brings you drama.

Entering University though, changes me a lot. Ask anyone from school. My appearance stays (I lost my baby fat though) but how i approach stuff differs. Sometimes when you try to convey something to a person, it travels to someone else and *poof* they misunderstands. I was afraid of that, and because of that, I try to avoid any sensitive topic that will make people misunderstands. I tried though, staying away but welpss, things... still happen.

But see, being boring is not all that bad. Sure it's no fun to the eyes of the people but hey, I'm having fun. Bet you didn't know that huh (just kidding). It's just that I don't feel the need to share everything in the web. I don't share much in social media about my private life. Guess I just don't like the fact that my 'sharing' troubles people. (Yep thats how much i dont want to trouble people) It's stupid I know haha

Truth to be told, i wrote the title as "Mind over Words" but i got carried away and is talking about something waaayyy off. Well I guess that is for another time. Ciao