Saturday, 24 February 2018


I grew up with strict parents.
Mom's a teacher and Dad well.. let's just say he's super workaholic

So when we were in schools, most of our wellbeing are being taken care of by mom.

Mom's the greatest really. She's like the superwoman haha. We basically got discipline because of her. One thing I remembered was to "never touch anything when you're in somebody's house"
Guess it's because my hand just got into trouble too many times.

Often she would remind me over and over again that im a lady so I must act like a lady. I think I've been hearing those words too many times in my head. She must be sooo worried I'll turned masculine or something hahaha.

She loves putting in pink to me. I hate it. But then because of what she loves to do, dressing me up, curling my hair which will ended up straighten back after few hours, so iI gues she do influenced me a lot now huh.

Another thing that I appreciate and love was the fact that she taught us to read like super early.

I remembered when I was in my pre-law degree there's this lecturer trying to compare Oprah Winfrey's capability of being able to read at the age of 3 with us.  Honestly I don't find it surprising cause my mom taught me around the same time. (My lecturer didn't believe me. I can see in her eyes)

I know it was 3 because when I was 4 I attended kindergarten and I remembered how I can read and were given chocolates everyday for being able to pass to read lol

When we begin the transition to adulthood then only dad came in to take care of our life. Kinda. I guess it's a habit he had at his workplace.

It's kinda nice though. Most of my work ethics came from him. Most of my stubbornness also came from him. If I were to be a manager or someone who's to lead people, i guess he's the man you'll look up yo.

He got principles. Man with principles as they say haha. Everyday in my life with him I would hear him say "everything has its place" or "when you begin your career you must remember this.."

I guess he's the one who taught me not to give in easily. Not to give up easily. He's the one who mostly influence me to chase my dream and not do it half heartedly

Since I'm the only daughter in the family I guess many would think I'm like the precious daughter who's really close with her father. As we call it 'anak ayah'

Well that's the thing. I'm not. I'm closest with my brothers to be honest. Anyone who'd really only get to know me pun, they would know that I'm close to my brothers.
I don't care though. I know I talk about them a lot but I don't care. I grew up with them and they're basically the ones that influence most of stuffs to me.

I do admit though being the youngest has its perks like I get to get my way around of things sometimes (this only happened when I was realllllyy small). Or that I get to experience more stuffs than them. It's unfair tho. I felt like it's unfair. They deserves the same.

I told them one day how I felt like it's kinda unfair how I get to have the privelage of things while they don't when they've already began their life journey of-working-family of their own and all.

They said it's okay. They understand and they're happy in their state since I'm born the youngest.

To be honest I only got to be really close to them when I started highschool. Before then I always go around their back thinking I should be following their footsteps or beat them to anything. I just wanted to be a part of them you know. They're boys and I'm left alone being the girl who by their definition I'm too feminine or sometimes they said ''gedik" which kinda irks me cause by mom's definition of me, I don't act like a lady. I had to be both really

A memory where i remembered the most was when I was in highschool and I went out with all three of them. Our conversation led to how I gotta take care of myself. I remembered them saying "if anything happens to you, know that we'll be right by your side and we'll kick that person's ass"

I swear I was on the verge of crying when they meant what they said.

It's 2am as of now and I really don't know why I'm writing this. But there's so much more to say about them really. If in any case something might happen to me. I hope they read this and know how I appreciate them really.