Thursday, 19 January 2012

Letter or Post to Mr.A

Dear Mr.A

     If you by any chance happen to see this post, i want to apologize for being very rude just now. What you encounter for this past few weeks on your class, how you see me, is definitely me. What i see in you is that, you can't accept who i am. As a normal student, there are things that i don't excel. True enough that i didn't do much exercise. But the last 2 weeks i spend, i became very hardworking and trying my best to cooperate with your type of work. And i definitely finish the books given just that i didn't bring it. Okay, i don't want to talk about your class.

    You see, when my mom mention about my boarding school and started to compare with my new life here and how i started to adjusting to this new type of environment, i became very sad. I started to miss my life there a lot. Life there were very different. I learned to speak my mind out loud. I learned to became talkative. I learned to became very strong. And I learned to be very honest on whatever i did. When I first came to your class, I just be myself.

    Mr. A, I am very upset when you said that you never met a person like. Someone who speaks so bold. For your information, I AM BOLD! But I always respect people older than me. Even thought some of them have quite a bad attitude. But just for your information, I NEVER EVER EVER became SO SO SO RUDE to someone, like what I did just now. Seriously. I also NEVER cried that much, that hard and that long.. I am very angry because you made me waste my time crying and missed my prayer that evening. And I never really like people see me crying and that is why i came and just walk away like that. I am trying to be strong. I learned to be strong. But it is your problem that you didn't see the positive side of me.

   BTW, if you said that you never seen someone like me, well, you better get ready because there are lots and lots of people that are far more worse than me and have a very good brain. 10 years of teaching, you should understand the student. Not putting more pressure and expect to see them excel by just one time you teach. I can't deny the fact that you are good in add math and physic. You give all the exercise. But one piece of advice from me, do try to understand more the student's problem.

   Yes, me making this post is very rude of me. You are way older than me and i am just what? 16? not even 16. But as a human being, i want you to know what you are lacking. I don't think that you will take my advice. and saying " SHE WON'T CHANGE'' that is bad. really bad. Human can change. You just have to think positive. Really, you even said that i am like a needle to your heart. That is fine.

   You know what? I don't care already about you. I don't freaking care. Yes, what i said is rude. You know what? Everyone have limitations for their feelings. By everyone, I do mean EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING IN THIS WORLD. I am very upset. Very angry by your action. Especially your words. Like I said, i never became this rude. You are the first and probably would be the last for a long period. You expect me to say sorry easily every time i make mistake? I can do that. But its hard to say it since you are an older MAN. yeah well. You probably will say that I am giving all the excuse i can. Ohoh, whatever. I don't really care what will you think. One thing for sure, this thing will become history to me and i shall remember it till the day i died. or amnesia or Alzheimer, -.-' and I know this would be the same to you as it's your first time experience this and first time meeting the type of me.

Sorry Mr.A. Thank you for all the class you've been teaching. You help me quite a lot.
And please sir, don't stop the class. Darshini is good. ;D
Ainaa Hasinah 

P/S : mama and all her friends, don't tell him about this. -.-'  If I want him to read, find it by his own effort.

And guys and girls that read this, sorry. I know this sucks.

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