Saturday, 7 January 2012

That one Sentence. ;)

Oh yeah. This post gonna be in english. Say whatever you like. Haha.

So, that one word keep coming to me no matter whether i did wrong or not. ALWAYS.

And even if I know that I did not do anything. I would always be like

*omg, shoot. did i do anything bad*

*oh no. No.NO!!!!!! please don't tell me that she found out!!!!???*

*damn, is she going to ask me that. But that was years ago*

Wait. Don't tell me that you never experience them. OMG, seriously???? WOW, you must be like SOOOOooooOOOooo GOOD . No. Seriously. Haha.
And so, this is only a boring post. So sorry to dissapoint you. Haha.

Thank you ~


  1. You can always talk to me..i am always available.....for you ! Sometimes you do not see what's ahead ! Taking advice from wrong source endup into nothing! Sorry if i was harsh...sometimes.....Everybody makes mistakes, even adults.

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