Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Please, Everyone have their own goods and bads

I mean like. Come on!
I've met a lot of people. Well, maybe not that much compared to the one older than me.
But what im trying to say is that. Come on, Don't hate someone just because he or she aint perfect.
Even if you hate someone, ask yourself are you even better than him/her?
I don't think so.
Everyone is the same. 

Its like A is good at handling money but very Selfish
but B is not good at handling money but care for everyone.
See? We, normal human being is not perfect.
Only Our prophet Muhammad S.A.W is.
Still, eventhough he is perfect. But there were still people against him up until now.

I am trying to state that Puhhleaasseeee, 
Just don't hate someone because of the attitude.
Well, Hate is different than Don't like.
Hate is like the feeling of hatred is overwhelming you.
But, DON'T LIKE is like, just the feeling of uncomfortable and annoyed.
I've experienced don't like. But never hate.

But still, We need to be optimist. But being too optimist, also are not good.
Try being optimist and pessimist at the same time. 
But always let the positive thought higher than the negative one

Let me be honest here.  

I had this. what so called friend.
A GIRL of course.
I once said that " never did i met someone like her"
its not because she is too kind or pretty.
Just that she is someone who...
how should i say....
Mean? Vain?

She thinks that....
She is the smartest.
She is right about everything.

No no no. I'm  not telling lies. I've accidentally...
well... lets just say. I know her dirty little secrets a bit.
seriously. A BIT!

But i don't care about all that she think she is what.
Just that she loves telling lies. Being hypocrite and will compliment you but actually she's mocking and being conceited sometimes....

That girl, i would never forget for the rest of my life.
What she done to me and all.
But i cant hate her.
I just cant
Because i do believe that no matter how dark is someone's heart. 
There must be light in it
No matter how small it is.
Because things like that are the things that make us human.
Just like Yin and yang

So just don't hate someone.
Don't say that you will not talk to that someone
(oh,especially girls. you know when they fight, they'll be like..not talking to each other & all)
Just treat them (people you don't really fancy) nicely and normal way but at the same time, don't be too close.
If that one person are not talking, just say you're sorry.
BUT, if that one person is not accepting it, Just let it go. 
You have done your part. Its time for that one person to do hers
AND if that one person keep doing the same thing and you are the one keep apologize.
Just state to that person that you are not the one at fault and you are sick being the one who kept apologize.

I know. Easier to said than to be done. But... 
What harm can it be if you know you can make a better difference

This is what i want to share. If there is anyone getting hurt by me. Im sorry. Didn't mean to. Its just that I've been keeping this for quite a long time.
One word can change a lot of things.

And Im sorry for the long post. ;)