Monday, 21 May 2012

Having a sister might be Awesome..

Yeah.. as you read the title.

Me ainaa who keep saying
" No way. Having a sister will bother me a lot and I'll hate her"

Oh yeah... I actually said that.

urm.. maybe the HATE part is a bit too much.
Lets change it to DISLIKE ;D
Having 3 brothers actually aren't bad.
I love them.

They taught me a lot of things.
And by their view towards females...
I can actually become quite a proper Lady
By learning what they said that is annoying to be seen.

And I rather be quite...
Rather than become too  

I said. QUITE Tomboyish right?

Like this :

(go! go! Chuck ;D)

But you see.. Having Only Brothers also is quite inconvenient
There are some things that you cannot share with your brothers and mom and of course your dad

Among those things is when you (if you a girl) had your first menstruation..
Let say at that time your mom is not there.
So of course you have to rely to your sister right?

So having a sister might be convenient to me.

I never realized it until a few days ago.

I left my boarding school early this year.
And at that moment i start to realize that all of my good friends there are like sister to me.

And so... that is why I think I start having the emptiness inside me like what I post here

So for those who have sister.
You really should feel grateful.

But whatever it is.
I truly believed what God had done have reason.
Everything happens for a reason.

Who knows.. I might be badly bullied my someone and my brothers will become the saviour.
Uwuuwuuwww... Haha.
That would be fun.

(Lets just say im the woman. The man in front is the bully. Men behind my brothers.)

Okay. Lol. That made me laugh.

And yeah. This post actually can be applied to someone who is in opposite situation with me.

Maybe you're a boy.
And have sister only.
Well... Like i said.
Everything happens for a reason.
One day you will figure it out.

I truly believed having a sister will be convenient.

But... I don't want to change anything in my current life.

Peace :)


  1. unless you have a feminine brother hehehehehehe but I think it is good to only have brothers, like for me, my brother's girlfriend is the sister I have xD I have a very good relationship with her, she is like a family, only waiting them to get married ahah, but I think that is the good point from my experience~

  2. having a sister is hard especially when you are the only brother in the family....the responsibility is higher..

    1. yes hafiz, but that is what makes you a real man~ keep on the hard work! XD