Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In love? No way!

Today post is about love :D
(not really)

I've never been in love.
Not once
Not twice
Not before
Not... Aft-... okay.. maybe Later on I'll experience that

So I always ask
"How does it feel to be in love?"

"Why do you said falling in love give pain?"

"Why is it some people suicide because of love? stupid." 
(Okay.. Later on I'll put a post for this part)

"Why do people do anything for love?''

"Don't you feel kinda like eerie when someone said I love you?"

And the question that i always ask is...

"How to know whether you are in love with someone?"

Yes yes. I know.
For someone is 16 years old-but never fall in love-never get interested to also
I always ask myself... 
"Am I Heartless??"

I mean.. It feels weird.
I know maybe falling in love is a bit too much.
But I just don't have feelings like want to have a partner

Sometimes I saw a quote like "Falling in love AGAIN"

Can you really falls in love many times?
Maybe twice..or thrice...
I would still consider it as normal..
But.. If keep changing your partner like clothes..
Is it love?

I have once thought that I really am in love..
After I've been through it... numerous time.
I start to realize..
That. Is. Not. Love. At. All.

That is the feeling of wanting to know that person better.
And not love.

Although sometimes I thought I like that person..
I just don't feel like I am missing that person.
Or that I wanna talk to him so badly.

Nope. Never. 

So I'll ask. Will I have the chance to fall in love?

To be continued

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  1. ohh my child, I am very happy to see this post of you~ well, being in love is something very subtle, I can say to you I've been in love to many things but I still have to sadly say I had never been in a relationship, it is a two different situation. xD but I'm still young why should I care xD

    well, the feeling of having warmth in your heart and have a place where you could put aside all your worries and have peace is surely important, for we are just a normal human. Lies it would be if someone said he doesn't need love in his life. I would like to see how he suffers. but then, I have the love in my heart.

    you dont have to wait for a truthful man to come in your life to be in love, Ainaa, just the feeling of the love for your God, your parents, your family and the people around you is enough to have such beautiful gift. yes, love is a gift, it gives you strength to keep forward no matter how hard life is. all you have to do is too feel its presence and to accept it in your heart~

    well, in my opinion, the world is not perfect, thus the pain you gain for being in love is just to build up the strength in you. so that you will keep up your life and not be left behind. in Islam, we know that the more the pain we endure, means that there is more love from God to us. that is why I said love is very subtle,very complicated.

    Love among human is a much more unexplainable and super complicated, because it involve two different soul, that is why we've been told that the love for God should be placed as the most important in our heart, because god wont drive you crazy, but human can. xD that's why some of the lover got heart-broken and then suicide. dayyum, last time have this one handsome chinese guy suicide because of heart broken, I feel like..."for the love of god, why?" orz

    for your next question I am unable to say since I haven't been in a relationship. but I do love my teddy bear very much, and have you been in a fangirl group or something? because I gained much love from joining some groups, everyone keep saying they love you, haha I love them TvT fellowship of fangirl forever.

    this another question I am too unable to answer, since,....oh you know,.. .__.
    well but I've been living in a community where love is in the air, I still unable to describe how you'd know you're in love perfectly but all I can say is that you will be able to accept the imperfection in that person. and of course, you feel at ease when you think of it, that of course, is a gift when you put the love of God as the most important in your life~

    you are not heartless my dear, just that I could say you're a bit confuse with the definition of love, just keep on finding the truth~ you will find and experience it in your life~ believe me xD I'm an expert xDDD

    well, love is not something you should lose, but it shall be lessen and doubled if needed, like I said, it's very subtle~
    be careful to whom you love, especially men. xD

    you're still young to ask such question Ainaa, you will found the love you're searching~
    sorry for another long comment because,...hoho xD oh well... xD