Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Can I just return back?

I think I want to go to my old school back
Without having through all this things.
Without being force to do something
And have all those friends.

Sometimes I wanna stay.
Without being held back
And sometimes I hope there are someone that can read my mind.
So that they understand what am i thinking.

It hurt so bad.
I feel like the only purpose in my life is to study, follow orders.

Sure I know studying is important,
But man, its holiday.
And I actually did study a bit.
I used to be far more worse.

And yeah, even if I got straight As'
It'll be only at that time.
I will still continue studying course that I like.
Not all of the subject.

I am not bad-talking.
But... a little understanding would be enough

It hurts when a lot of hope and expectation is given to me

I am a normal human.
Understand it.

P/S : Izz Fiyaz. if you happen to see this. Hello :D
        you're lucky cause your name is here xD

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