Sunday, 16 September 2012

As we grow older...

I don't think it happen to everyone.

But, notice or not, as we grow older...
People we care about tends to leave us.

Here a bit of example.

10 August 2012. 

The day where my Grandfather died, 'Atuk Razak'
(mom's side)

12 September 2012

The day my Sensei Maya died.

14 September 2012

The day Tok chik died.
(Last sibling of grandpa, 'Atuk Khalid' dad's side)

And a year ago. There is a huge tumour in the brain of my Grandmother, 'Maktuk'.
She.. is given less a year to live.

Now it already exceed a year. We can only pray for her.
I pray that she can go peacefully.
Whenever the time is, I am sure I am well prepared for it.

It's hard to see them go.
But we are just a normal mortal.

People come and Go.

Do not take things for granted.
Something I learned a month ago after 'Atuk Razak' died

Because when the time for them to come... 
It happens so fast.

That you might regret it later.....

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