Thursday, 1 January 2015

It has been awhile.

Assalammualaikum, *ehem*

It really has been awhile now huh.
A lot of things happened. A lot of things changed.
For better (or worse) i have changed.

I am now 18 years old. (Yup. Legal Age) and soon going to be 19 in about 4 months.
There has been already some of my friends have been considering marriage as an option. (haha)
Not for me i guess, maybe not at this time. There is too much things that need to change.
Both me and my surroundings.
Okay now, that should be enough about marriage.

So, among all things that I wanted to share, it would be that I got accepted as a Law Student.
Well, Foundation Law Student anyway.
But YES! There is still the word 'LAW' in Foundation of Law and for that I am Happy. *grin*

I never mentioned it before, but I have been aiming for Law subject for yearsss!
Okay, that doesnt seems fair. From 15 years old i mean. All thanks to my eldest brother, Adib.
He is now working as a lawyer in a law firm and is finishing his part time master for law.
He might be the reason why I wanted to pursue in this course.

Anyway, that is enough about Law. (still grinning)

Hmm, let see....

Oh! I actually am an owner of 3 cats.
A few weeks after the last post from this blog, I bought a cat which lead to 3.
Ummmm, I'll post about the cats later though.


I joined debating in university. Been in a tournament once and then i quit.
It sounds idiotic, i know.
Long story. To make it short, there has been a few reasons that made me quit.
But hey, the experience was amazing. All the debaters were really awesome.
Although I only indulge myself for a few months, I enjoy it quite a lot.

Okay, what else,

Nope. I guess that is all the 'big' things that have been going in my life. 
(That I would write here anyway)

And, that is it. Thanks for reading. (IF you really are reading though)

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