Sunday, 4 January 2015

MUET's Story. #1

So, right now it's 5.45 a.m. and currently I can't sleep.
I'm having a terrible migraine from yesterday evening and I slept from 10.00p.m. till 3.00am.
I really hope I can get a deep sleep but i guess not. My body clock is so used of sleeping for 5 hours a day.
*sigh* need to change that i guess.

So here am I. Trying to get some sleep but can't and it's already almost Subuh.

But that is not the reason why I'm writing this post.

Before the clock points at 10.00 a.m. in which the result came out, I wanted to share an experience. In which I hope people won't be as idiotic as I am.

So first, the speaking test.
Truthfully, I love speaking test. It requires me to talk and I talk a lot.
My experience as a debater from high school and a little while in university definitely helps me a lot.
Every time there is a speaking test in university, I'll be very excited truthfully.
But then, when it is the actual MUET test, I screwed up. A lot.

I was seated as candidate D and we were given 2 minutes to brainstorm the ideas for the individual test. After almost 2 minutes and i swear its like 2 seconds before 2 minutes, the invigilator or i guess the ummm... Judge? Switch me and candidate B's position because they made a mistake.
I don't know about you but I find it difficult to switch my view to other perspective immediately after I had given a thought about the first one really hard.

So, we switch position as well as our points.
And, we were given 2 minutes extra to brainstorm the ideas and really, that doesn't help me a lot.
It's funny because the paper given to scribble to me had only about a few lines about my points and so, i guess it affect my performance i guess.
Seriously though, i never stop speaking before the 2 minutes is up. And that day is the first for me to say. "...and yes, thank you"

Luckily i guess I didn't really screwed up my group discussion though.
It was pretty informal cause we kinda make a joke during the discussion.

Move on to the day of the Reading, Writing and Listening test.

I had no major problem for reading test though. Only that my phone's alarm clock at the back was screaming as loud as possible and force me to switch it off. Haha.

For writing, I guess I am most concern about it cause you know, it's writing and I am never am that good with writing an essay be it my language or English.
But I am pretty thrilled when the topic given is about games.
Muahahaha. I think I smiled too much when I read the topic.
Soo, for that I am happy. Only the topic though.

And the listening. Probably not so much of a problem. The audio was quite clear i guess cause I only missed a few words. But the problem of the listening test is not the question.

After we were done, the invigilator told us to leave the answer sheets and leave the room which somewhat is weird cause you know, you weren't suppose to leave the room unless you paper has been collected. But never mind that. I was too excited to go back and just grab the paper on my table without checking it first.

Have you ever wondered if there is someone who accidentally bring back their answer's sheets?
Yup. That. Is. Me.

And to make it worse, i didn't even realize it until i get home and it's 20 minutes away.

And to make it even more worse, when I get back, my phone slipped and hit the tiles 'facepalm' and break the glass.
Make it even more worse, I can't use my phone. The touchscreen can't even work.

I wonder if it is a sign of telling me you did badly for your MUET.

So there I was, testing my sim card to my old phone and tablets and everything that fits,
I manage to use a tablet as a temporary substitute and after not even 5 minutes I received a call.

"Ni Ainaa Hasinah ke?"

Oh shyt.

So she ask me question like, "You sit for MUET today right?"
"Did you submit your paper?"
"Are you sure you did that?"
"Can you please check your bag?"

AAAHHHH. I think my face was very pale at that time when I found the paper inside my bag all crumpled like.

So I went back to submit the paper and had to make a report of the incident on how I accidentally brought the paper back.
They were quite surprised that the invigilator let us go before hand it to her.

So there I was. Alone making a report and all.
Scared to death? Yup. Especially since MUET kinda decide my life. (ya know, Law Student and all)

Ever wondered what happened if you didn't hand in the paper? Now you got the answer.

Although partly, it is the invigilator's fault, I am also at fault for being careless.
Too excited to go back i guess.

And the fact that I got the call almost immediately after I switch my device felt even more surreal.
Although in my case I would not call it lucky.

So lesson learned, do not be careless. Always, i repeat. ALWAYS check everything before you leave.

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