Saturday, 4 July 2015


It's almost 3 am and apparently i can't seems to sleep.
It has been a while and lately I've been hearing bout this all the time honestly.
So, here we go.

Marriage, is scary.
All these girls saying how they wanted to get married early and have a husband who care for them? I don't think they truly understand what it means to be married.
When you are married, it's no more funs and games.
You have to be cautious of who you talk to.
Where you'll go.
All your future plans need to consider your partner.
Everything you do, you need to consider your partner's feelings.
That is what it's like to be committed.

During the early stages of marriage might be the highlight of your life.
Then comes the challenges.
Your career. Kids. Household income. Savings.
Especially kids.

If you think that you're ready for the commitment and the challenges that you're going to face that's alright.
But nowadays, people didn't put much thought in these things.

When you do know that your time is right,
you won't only be saying how excited you are of the marriage life.
Instead, deep down, you'll be thinking over and over again whether you are ready for it because although it is one of the greatest things in life, it is also the most important decision you'll ever make which changes everything.

So, don't be saying how you can't wait to get married when you yourself are not ready.
Cause when the time is right. You'll know it by then.

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