Monday, 22 August 2016

'Need someone to talk to'

I find it weird that there are a few phase in my life that I would get interested with something as that thing would come up to me quite a few times during the phase.

For example, I once had a phase where it is regarding depression and also bulimia. I got tweets regarding that, friends kinda experiencing that, posts about it, people mentioned about it on several occasion and also a movie that happens to be it when I just casually decides to watch the TV while eating. (I rarely watched TV)

So yes. I have a few phase that made me think deeply about something and it would be 'I just want someone to talk to'

I'm sure all of us have their own fair share of experience that you just need to let out to someone. Regardless of what you're feeling at that time such as angry, happy, excited, sad, disappointed, paranoid, overthinking, and mad.

It's perfectly a normal feeling to have I guess. As we are a human being and we need each other because the only one that you can share what you're feeling with is another soul.

I just decided to post about it because it's a good feeling really. Because sometimes we need to rely to someone else too. It doesn't matter if what they're suggesting is valid to you or not. But what matters the most is that you let it out. You just let yourself free and keep it off your chest.

But there are times of course where you're too afraid to let people enter your heart and in that case, we might need to let it out to our creator for he is the best listener and the only one that can really help you the best for your life.

Human feelings are beautiful really. It's so complex but it's a beauty to look at and experience.


  1. Salam ainaa! nice to know your thought & your words. impress me ;)

    1. Hi there! I'm sorry I just realized your comment. I read some of your comments too. Its nice that someone notice it :)