Sunday, 8 January 2017

Blank Space

You know sometimes when you lie on your bed just doing absolutely nothing?
Thoughts came through you and fill in your head
Thoughts of things or life

Have you lie on your bed lazily on a day not doing anything, just scrolling your phone through social media, play with your cats, eat and lie again on your bed.
Those days don't happened always but when it does, it makes you thinking
How short life is
I'll share what I think

At that time when i lazily lie on my back on the bed, i stare to the wall.
It's a wall. What do you expect? Just white and blank. A blank space
A blank space is what keeps you wondering deeper because it doesn't require an imagination around it. Just deeper on things circling around in your head.

Here's what I think.
I think life is short. An hour pass by just like a drop of water to the ocean
It's fast, unnoticeable.

Life is really short. You may thinks it's not but truthfully it is.
As a person, it's normal to have dreams. To have things you want to achieve. To have a desire you want to let out. To have the courage to do something.
Sadly, a lot of people don't do them. We hide in a corner and stay there in our comfort zone.

Life is short, go out and embrace the feelings. You want to go and dance around? Then go. Do it,
There's a person you've been holding back your feelings to? Go and confess. You will lose nothing.
You're afraid of people's judgement and comment? Don't give a damn about their words. People will talk about you anyway whether you do something or not. That's just people.
The difference would be just whether you'll lose nothing or you'll gain nothing.
Gaining is better than losing am I right?
Doing things you want won't make you lose anything. You won't regret it I promise.
If you're too afraid because it's your comfort zone and people have known you as someone they 'normally' perceived... just go with it. It'll be a damn good ride throughout of it.

Life is really short. You won't notice the time you've wasted now until you are old and regrets succumbs you.

It's embarrassing and scary all around but hey, it'll be worth the shot.
Be brave, be bold.

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