Thursday, 9 February 2017

Meeting with doc

Early disclaimer, no one read my blog unless they googled me and that's why I got the balls to post this haha.

Here's a small post just about that one special person. Doc.

Today I went out with him and spend a lot of time together. Honestly speaking, I didn't even realize how the time flies. It's just amazing how you're so into a person that you don't notice how your surrounding changes.

I'm pretty observant tbh. And I still remember (I always remember) that you don't travel to KL sentral by ERL from your place because well, it's expensive, the fare. And knowing you, not that it's a bad thing because dad is like that also but you're always reluctant to spend your money on things eventhough you splurge it on your shoes (haha)

When you told me that you're seeing the dude to COD, I automatically assume 'ah maybe he put it in extra for your travel money like the last buyer' but no. You spend it to COD at NU sentral and meet me. I think I'm pretty narcissist for thinking that you're doing this for me when in fact you just wanna find a buyer or something after the issue. (The dude)
However, if you did it because you wanna see me, I'm really grateful for that because man, despite how nice and 'quiet' of you, you're actually pretty stubborn hehe.

I don't ask for much and don't expect anything grant from our relationship. But I honestly appreciate how at times you're thoughtful at me at times I don't expect it because really doc, you jarang kayy show it to me how you feel or tell me things that made me realize just how much you think of me. That's why I really really appreciate it when you suddenly surprised me with things eventhough I'm not at present with you at the time. Which also why I kinda 'ungkit'(playfully) about the thing I once asked you about for confirmation about a thing you did to someone. It kinda hurts to know that really :')

I'm selfish at times I admit. Selfish of you hahaha. And I'm pretty shitty sometimes like when I overthink stuffs and keep it in until I burst and let it out emotionally (I'm working on it) and I think that's just some of 'em (apologize). For that, I'm grateful that you're accepting of me even when I know I'm so selekeh dulu and also at times now. And also how maybe I did annoying things to you

I write this, to say that im glad the 'you' here is you, doc. You're among the best person that has encountered into my life :)

Anyway, if words wanna describe how I feel towards you and what I know, what I hope and what I believe.. it'll take a longer post than this one here. And that, is something to look forward to ;)

Cheers to my soulmate

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