Sunday, 16 September 2012

As we grow older...

I don't think it happen to everyone.

But, notice or not, as we grow older...
People we care about tends to leave us.

Here a bit of example.

10 August 2012. 

The day where my Grandfather died, 'Atuk Razak'
(mom's side)

12 September 2012

The day my Sensei Maya died.

14 September 2012

The day Tok chik died.
(Last sibling of grandpa, 'Atuk Khalid' dad's side)

And a year ago. There is a huge tumour in the brain of my Grandmother, 'Maktuk'.
She.. is given less a year to live.

Now it already exceed a year. We can only pray for her.
I pray that she can go peacefully.
Whenever the time is, I am sure I am well prepared for it.

It's hard to see them go.
But we are just a normal mortal.

People come and Go.

Do not take things for granted.
Something I learned a month ago after 'Atuk Razak' died

Because when the time for them to come... 
It happens so fast.

That you might regret it later.....

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ramadhan. Perhaps I'm A little late.

This is old video. But... Well.. I love his video anyway. Watch it.

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan

Hope this month we can treasure it. 
Do lots of good deeds.
Avoid adding more sin.

This is a reminder for me and all the muslim.
Alhamdulillah I have live for 16 years and still perfectly healthy. Insyaallah.

Ramadhan really teach us to be patience in everything. 
And not to lose control.

So for this month,

Lower our gaze.
Turn into a new leaf.
Do more deeds.

(yes, this is the first post bout my religion, Islam. I am proud of it.)

And yes. Fasting is not hard at all. Just a little bit patience and you're there.
Plus. Its good for health. *wink*

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Ehem, My first time posting this. xD

(oh yeah!!! Its Barney!)
True Enough *wink*

We may be laugh knowing his words.
Take your time, and think about it.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Can I just return back?

I think I want to go to my old school back
Without having through all this things.
Without being force to do something
And have all those friends.

Sometimes I wanna stay.
Without being held back
And sometimes I hope there are someone that can read my mind.
So that they understand what am i thinking.

It hurt so bad.
I feel like the only purpose in my life is to study, follow orders.

Sure I know studying is important,
But man, its holiday.
And I actually did study a bit.
I used to be far more worse.

And yeah, even if I got straight As'
It'll be only at that time.
I will still continue studying course that I like.
Not all of the subject.

I am not bad-talking.
But... a little understanding would be enough

It hurts when a lot of hope and expectation is given to me

I am a normal human.
Understand it.

P/S : Izz Fiyaz. if you happen to see this. Hello :D
        you're lucky cause your name is here xD

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In love? No way!

Today post is about love :D
(not really)

I've never been in love.
Not once
Not twice
Not before
Not... Aft-... okay.. maybe Later on I'll experience that

So I always ask
"How does it feel to be in love?"

"Why do you said falling in love give pain?"

"Why is it some people suicide because of love? stupid." 
(Okay.. Later on I'll put a post for this part)

"Why do people do anything for love?''

"Don't you feel kinda like eerie when someone said I love you?"

And the question that i always ask is...

"How to know whether you are in love with someone?"

Yes yes. I know.
For someone is 16 years old-but never fall in love-never get interested to also
I always ask myself... 
"Am I Heartless??"

I mean.. It feels weird.
I know maybe falling in love is a bit too much.
But I just don't have feelings like want to have a partner

Sometimes I saw a quote like "Falling in love AGAIN"

Can you really falls in love many times?
Maybe twice..or thrice...
I would still consider it as normal..
But.. If keep changing your partner like clothes..
Is it love?

I have once thought that I really am in love..
After I've been through it... numerous time.
I start to realize..
That. Is. Not. Love. At. All.

That is the feeling of wanting to know that person better.
And not love.

Although sometimes I thought I like that person..
I just don't feel like I am missing that person.
Or that I wanna talk to him so badly.

Nope. Never. 

So I'll ask. Will I have the chance to fall in love?

To be continued

Monday, 21 May 2012

Having a sister might be Awesome..

Yeah.. as you read the title.

Me ainaa who keep saying
" No way. Having a sister will bother me a lot and I'll hate her"

Oh yeah... I actually said that.

urm.. maybe the HATE part is a bit too much.
Lets change it to DISLIKE ;D
Having 3 brothers actually aren't bad.
I love them.

They taught me a lot of things.
And by their view towards females...
I can actually become quite a proper Lady
By learning what they said that is annoying to be seen.

And I rather be quite...
Rather than become too  

I said. QUITE Tomboyish right?

Like this :

(go! go! Chuck ;D)

But you see.. Having Only Brothers also is quite inconvenient
There are some things that you cannot share with your brothers and mom and of course your dad

Among those things is when you (if you a girl) had your first menstruation..
Let say at that time your mom is not there.
So of course you have to rely to your sister right?

So having a sister might be convenient to me.

I never realized it until a few days ago.

I left my boarding school early this year.
And at that moment i start to realize that all of my good friends there are like sister to me.

And so... that is why I think I start having the emptiness inside me like what I post here

So for those who have sister.
You really should feel grateful.

But whatever it is.
I truly believed what God had done have reason.
Everything happens for a reason.

Who knows.. I might be badly bullied my someone and my brothers will become the saviour.
Uwuuwuuwww... Haha.
That would be fun.

(Lets just say im the woman. The man in front is the bully. Men behind my brothers.)

Okay. Lol. That made me laugh.

And yeah. This post actually can be applied to someone who is in opposite situation with me.

Maybe you're a boy.
And have sister only.
Well... Like i said.
Everything happens for a reason.
One day you will figure it out.

I truly believed having a sister will be convenient.

But... I don't want to change anything in my current life.

Peace :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Please, Everyone have their own goods and bads

I mean like. Come on!
I've met a lot of people. Well, maybe not that much compared to the one older than me.
But what im trying to say is that. Come on, Don't hate someone just because he or she aint perfect.
Even if you hate someone, ask yourself are you even better than him/her?
I don't think so.
Everyone is the same. 

Its like A is good at handling money but very Selfish
but B is not good at handling money but care for everyone.
See? We, normal human being is not perfect.
Only Our prophet Muhammad S.A.W is.
Still, eventhough he is perfect. But there were still people against him up until now.

I am trying to state that Puhhleaasseeee, 
Just don't hate someone because of the attitude.
Well, Hate is different than Don't like.
Hate is like the feeling of hatred is overwhelming you.
But, DON'T LIKE is like, just the feeling of uncomfortable and annoyed.
I've experienced don't like. But never hate.

But still, We need to be optimist. But being too optimist, also are not good.
Try being optimist and pessimist at the same time. 
But always let the positive thought higher than the negative one

Let me be honest here.  

I had this. what so called friend.
A GIRL of course.
I once said that " never did i met someone like her"
its not because she is too kind or pretty.
Just that she is someone who...
how should i say....
Mean? Vain?

She thinks that....
She is the smartest.
She is right about everything.

No no no. I'm  not telling lies. I've accidentally...
well... lets just say. I know her dirty little secrets a bit.
seriously. A BIT!

But i don't care about all that she think she is what.
Just that she loves telling lies. Being hypocrite and will compliment you but actually she's mocking and being conceited sometimes....

That girl, i would never forget for the rest of my life.
What she done to me and all.
But i cant hate her.
I just cant
Because i do believe that no matter how dark is someone's heart. 
There must be light in it
No matter how small it is.
Because things like that are the things that make us human.
Just like Yin and yang

So just don't hate someone.
Don't say that you will not talk to that someone
(oh,especially girls. you know when they fight, they'll be like..not talking to each other & all)
Just treat them (people you don't really fancy) nicely and normal way but at the same time, don't be too close.
If that one person are not talking, just say you're sorry.
BUT, if that one person is not accepting it, Just let it go. 
You have done your part. Its time for that one person to do hers
AND if that one person keep doing the same thing and you are the one keep apologize.
Just state to that person that you are not the one at fault and you are sick being the one who kept apologize.

I know. Easier to said than to be done. But... 
What harm can it be if you know you can make a better difference

This is what i want to share. If there is anyone getting hurt by me. Im sorry. Didn't mean to. Its just that I've been keeping this for quite a long time.
One word can change a lot of things.

And Im sorry for the long post. ;)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Angin

Okay, aku tau Tajuk Post ni pelik sikit. Hikhik

But well, since aku dah banyak terjebak dengan aktiviti photography ni, 
Setiap masa aku bawak kamera aku. Seriously! 
Err, kedai mamak tak lah. :D
err... ada la jugak. :)

Tadi Lunch at Chicken Rice Shop ;)

Disebabkan perut dah lapar sangat dek pagi makan cereal sikit je then pergi sekolah terus,

Aku orang yang first habis makan. 1st / 6th

Apa? Tengah lapar kan. . . .
Okay sudah.

Then baru pergi browse Kereta for Along nak beli bila dia dah kerja.

Okay, itu bukan point nya.

Waktu aku makan at Chicken Rice Shop,
Ada la sepasang adib beradik ni. Dengan Mak and Nenek dia.
Well, my mom kata kembar. So I thought kembar lah.
Aku pun dengan bawak kamera pergi approach dorang berempat.

*err, akak, nak ambik gambar dorang berdua ni boleh tak?*
(Dengan muka selamba)

*Ambik jelah. :D*
(Dengan senyuman manis.. Serius okay! Sweet kot muka dia)

Dan aku pun ambik gambar dorang berdua.

Aku fikir aku ambik 4 - 5 shoot, Dah done dah.

Sangkaan aku meleset -.-'

Aku teruskan dan teruskan dan teruskan. Punye lah aku sembang dengan mak and nenek dorang sambil tangkap-tangkap gambar sampai family aku dah tinggalkan meja dah. Haha

Urm, Those are the picture taken just now.

Aku Baru beberapa bulan belajar nak handle DSLR. So, taklah experience sangat.

Lesson for today, 
Always Bring Your Camera With You, You will Never Know What You'll Discover.
(urm, that is if your hobby is being a camera freak  like me-.-')

P/S : Suami akak tu pun suka tangkap gambar jugak. So no wonder la The boys pandai posing
PP/S : Dorang adik beradik 3 laki. And the mom expecting to have a girl ;D Yay~ Similarity :)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Letter or Post to Mr.A

Dear Mr.A

     If you by any chance happen to see this post, i want to apologize for being very rude just now. What you encounter for this past few weeks on your class, how you see me, is definitely me. What i see in you is that, you can't accept who i am. As a normal student, there are things that i don't excel. True enough that i didn't do much exercise. But the last 2 weeks i spend, i became very hardworking and trying my best to cooperate with your type of work. And i definitely finish the books given just that i didn't bring it. Okay, i don't want to talk about your class.

    You see, when my mom mention about my boarding school and started to compare with my new life here and how i started to adjusting to this new type of environment, i became very sad. I started to miss my life there a lot. Life there were very different. I learned to speak my mind out loud. I learned to became talkative. I learned to became very strong. And I learned to be very honest on whatever i did. When I first came to your class, I just be myself.

    Mr. A, I am very upset when you said that you never met a person like. Someone who speaks so bold. For your information, I AM BOLD! But I always respect people older than me. Even thought some of them have quite a bad attitude. But just for your information, I NEVER EVER EVER became SO SO SO RUDE to someone, like what I did just now. Seriously. I also NEVER cried that much, that hard and that long.. I am very angry because you made me waste my time crying and missed my prayer that evening. And I never really like people see me crying and that is why i came and just walk away like that. I am trying to be strong. I learned to be strong. But it is your problem that you didn't see the positive side of me.

   BTW, if you said that you never seen someone like me, well, you better get ready because there are lots and lots of people that are far more worse than me and have a very good brain. 10 years of teaching, you should understand the student. Not putting more pressure and expect to see them excel by just one time you teach. I can't deny the fact that you are good in add math and physic. You give all the exercise. But one piece of advice from me, do try to understand more the student's problem.

   Yes, me making this post is very rude of me. You are way older than me and i am just what? 16? not even 16. But as a human being, i want you to know what you are lacking. I don't think that you will take my advice. and saying " SHE WON'T CHANGE'' that is bad. really bad. Human can change. You just have to think positive. Really, you even said that i am like a needle to your heart. That is fine.

   You know what? I don't care already about you. I don't freaking care. Yes, what i said is rude. You know what? Everyone have limitations for their feelings. By everyone, I do mean EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING IN THIS WORLD. I am very upset. Very angry by your action. Especially your words. Like I said, i never became this rude. You are the first and probably would be the last for a long period. You expect me to say sorry easily every time i make mistake? I can do that. But its hard to say it since you are an older MAN. yeah well. You probably will say that I am giving all the excuse i can. Ohoh, whatever. I don't really care what will you think. One thing for sure, this thing will become history to me and i shall remember it till the day i died. or amnesia or Alzheimer, -.-' and I know this would be the same to you as it's your first time experience this and first time meeting the type of me.

Sorry Mr.A. Thank you for all the class you've been teaching. You help me quite a lot.
And please sir, don't stop the class. Darshini is good. ;D
Ainaa Hasinah 

P/S : mama and all her friends, don't tell him about this. -.-'  If I want him to read, find it by his own effort.

And guys and girls that read this, sorry. I know this sucks.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

That one Sentence. ;)

Oh yeah. This post gonna be in english. Say whatever you like. Haha.

So, that one word keep coming to me no matter whether i did wrong or not. ALWAYS.

And even if I know that I did not do anything. I would always be like

*omg, shoot. did i do anything bad*

*oh no. No.NO!!!!!! please don't tell me that she found out!!!!???*

*damn, is she going to ask me that. But that was years ago*

Wait. Don't tell me that you never experience them. OMG, seriously???? WOW, you must be like SOOOOooooOOOooo GOOD . No. Seriously. Haha.
And so, this is only a boring post. So sorry to dissapoint you. Haha.

Thank you ~